HD-1 Supersonic Cruise Missile System

The HD-1A supersonic cruise missile weapon system is a supersonic solid-state ramjet cruise missile weapon system suitable for launching from the wings of third-generation aircraft and bombers. It has multi-purpose air-surface strike capabilities for ground and sea. It has various combat capabilities such as destroying positions, attacking armored groups, coastal defense operations, and blocking straits.

HD-1A supersonic cruise missile specifications
a) Flight speed
Cruise Mach: 2.2~3.5
b) Flight altitude
  High altitude cruise altitude: 15km
  Sea skimming flight altitude: 5m~10m
c) Strike accuracy
  Optical fiber inertial unit+GPS/BD satellite navigation CEP ≤ 20m;
  Optical fiber inertial unit+GPS/BD satellite navigation+infrared unguided CEP ≤ 10m;
  Optical fiber inertial unit+GPS/BD satellite navigation+radar guidance hit probability ≥ 75%.
d) Mass, size
  Length: 6000 mm
  Mass: 1200kg
  Bullet diameter: φ 375mm
e) Warhead
  The 240kg level overall slow penetration warhead, the overall kill and explosion warhead, the overall blast warhead, and the kill and destroy   armor and child mother warhead.
f) Emission conditions
  Launch altitude: 7km~11km
  Launch speed: 0.8Ma~0.95Ma
g) Missile preparation time: ≤ 12min
h) Continuous transmission interval: ≤ 10s

The HD-1 supersonic cruise missile can be launched from both airborne and surface ships. The system comes with a fire control system, which can be easily installed on the carrier, with good adaptability.
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