Unmanned Helicopters

FWH-1500 Unmanned military helicopter

1000kg Unmanned Military Helicopter

FWH-1500 unmanned helicopter system is a large load unmanned helicopter independently developed by Hangjing Innovation. The maximum takeoff weight is more than 1000kg, the payload is 300kg, and the endurance time is more than 5h. It has excellent plateau performance and is a common unmanned helicopter platform for both military and civil purposes.

FWH-1500 unmanned helicopter is capable of fully autonomous take-off, landing and autonomous flight, and can complete precise position control, speed control and altitude control. The flight is stable and reliable, and the operation is in tuitive and convenient. The operator can complete data monitoring and control of the helicopter and mission load through the ground control station.

Technical parameters
Length: 7.3 m
Highly: 2.3 m
Width: 1.9 m
Rtor diameter: 8.0 m
Maximum takeoff weight: 1000kg
Task load: 300kg
Cruising speed: 140-165km/h
Maximum flight speed: 190km/h
The wind resistance: A level 7 or less wind
Practical ceiling: 6500m
No ground effect hover limit: 5000m
Battery life: 5h
Control the radius: <100km(optional Satcom)
Control mode: Fully autonomous/semi-autonomous

Highly localized
Key components such as rotor system, transmission system and avionics system are fully developed and produced independently, and the localization rate of body components and parts exceeds 85%.

Universal platform design, preset multiple standardized load interfaces, carry different loads, and can complete a variety of tasks.

Full autonomy
It can realize fully autonomous flight and cluster operation, autonomous take-off and landing, autonomous route flight and autonomous return, and has perfect fault detection and self-protection measures.

Whole region
Excellent environmental adaptability and excellent plateau performance. The mission area covers various complex scenes such as high plateau, desert, mountain, island reef and so on.
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