Unmanned Helicopters

Unmanned military helicopter FWH-1000

FWH-1000 unmanned helicopter system is a new general-purpose high-load unmanned helicopter with payload capacity up to 150kg. The whole machine has mature technology and stable performance, which can be used in various complex and harsh environments.
High performance: the system complies with military product development process design standards, with long endurance, high reliability, and the ability to fly day and night in complex weather conditions such as moderate rain and light snow.

All-terrain: excellent environmental adaptability, mission area covering plateau, desert, mountain and other complex scenes.

Fully autonomous: fully autonomous flight can be realized, with autonomous takeoff and landing, autonomous route flight, autonomous return, online binding route and route change, perfect fault detection and self-protection measures.

Multi-purpose: can be customized by users, with the ability to carry a variety of mission equipment, can provide intelligent solutions for all kinds of missions can be upgraded to a reconnaissance strike platform.
Technical indicators
Long: 6.2m
Height: 2.5m
Wide: 1.8m
Rotor diameter:7.2m
Maximum takeoff weight: 550kg
Endurance: 4h
Maximum flat speed: 160km/h
Cruising speed: 120km/h
Wind resistance level: 6
Control mode: fully autonomous/semi-autonomous

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