Unmanned Helicopters

SY-450H Coaxial Unmanned Helicopter

SY-450H is a large coaxial helicopter product independently designed by our company, with a take-off weight of 450 kg. This model adopts a coaxial double-layer rotor design, which reduces the length of the aircraft for easy transportation; adopts a 115-horsepower turbocharged engine, which solves the problem of excessive engine power loss due to high-altitude flight, and the ceiling can reach 4,000 meters above sea level; The standard fuel tank is 120 liters, which can guarantee 4 hours of flight time. The SY-450H flight control system adopts a model-based robust control algorithm, adaptive to wind gust, high and low temperature, load changes, center of gravity changes, etc., to ensure flight accuracy and reliability in complex situations.

UAV Performance Parameters:
Length: 4.2 m
Height: 2.1 m
Rotor diameter: 5.5 m
Number of paddle blades: 2×2
Empty weight: 250 kg
Load capacity: 190 kg (including fuel)
Maximum take-off weight: 450 kg
Engine: 115 Hp turbocharged water-cooled aero-engine
Cruising speed: 100 km/h
Endurance time: 4 hours (standard fuel tank, load 115 kg)
Fuel: 95# gasoline
Start mode: remote control electric start
Practical ceiling: 4000 m
Autonomous functions: autonomous take-off and landing, fixed-point hovering and waypoint flight
Route accuracy: ±1 m
Communication mode: wireless microwave/satellite communication (optional)

HY-Helicopter Flight Control System
The helicopter flight controller uses industrial-grade sensors and applies modern robust control algorithms to achieve and control Helicopter attitude stability, speed, hover, autonomous take-off, autonomous landing, autonomous route flight and orhers. In addition, it can adapt to complex situations such as environmental disturbances, load changes, and gravity center shift. When installing initially Only by collecting the data of the helicopter's manual flight, the mathematical model of the helicopter can be established according to the dynamic characteristics of the controlled carrier and a robust controller can be generated. When it is installed again on a different aircraft of the same model, it is no longer necessary to repeat the parameter identification work, which greatly simplifies the system integration of the unmanned helicopter and effectively reduces the operational risk.

System Features:
  • Inter System design, both software and hardware are compliant with industry standards
  • Apply to medium and large helicopters and remote control models UAV
  • High reliability and high precision
  • Low power consumption, smaller size and light weight
  • Dual processor with redundant main control set
  • Dual protection of main controller software and hard watchdog, millisecond-level system recovery
  • More safe and reliable using Individualized steering gear control and switching function design
  • Fully autonomous take-off and landing, ground station waypoint flight, attitude balance, fixed altitude, fixed speed and multiple controls
different combination of modes
  • With integratedmap on Ground station, and real-time monitoring of flight attitude and data, management of flight tasks and control
  • Suitable for  gust, high and low temperature, load change,  gravity center  shift and other complex situations
  • The speed of autonomous forward flight can reach 80% speed of the aircraft in manual flight
  • The GPS lost satellite signal will automatically switch to the attitude balance mode,  hover or return if it loses control
  • The manual backup mode can be switched under any circumstances
  •  Function expansion interface
  •  Flight data record
  • Easy to install and operate, no need to adjust

The main technical parameters:
Arithmetic processing unit Redundant dual processor design  
Inertial Measurement Unit Attitude measurement accuracy: 0.2° (static)/0.3° (dynamic state),  
Accelerometer: ± 5g,
Gyro: ± 450°/s
GPS Industrial Grade Dual Frequency GPS Receiver
Professional aviation antenna
Trimble/NOVATEL GPS receiver
Position measurement accuracy 3m PCTEL aerial antenna (USA)
Measurement data update frequency: 10Hz  
Dual GPS antenna heading angle measurement accuracy: 1°  
Supports differential GPS signal input Centimeter-level differential accuracy (optional equipment)
Expandable port PWM port 3-channel PWM input
3-channel PWM output
PWM input can be used to collect engine speed temperature, etc.,
The PWM output can be used to control user equipment such as:
Spray control, PTZ control, etc.
3 RS-232 serial ports
It can be used for flight control and mission equipment application control for digital
Data interaction and integration (development and customization)
Flight attitude control
Pitch angle stability: <2 degrees  
Tilt angle smoothness: <2 degrees  
Yaw angle stability: <3 degrees  
Track control accuracy Position hovering accuracy: <1m (horizontal) 2.0m (vertical)  
Track control accuracy: <1m (horizontal) 2.0m (vertical)  
Barometer Measurement accuracy: 20 cm  
Wireless data link Frequency: 840MHz, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum  
Transmit power: 1W  
Interface: RS232, 115.2kbps  
Line-of-sight communication distance: >15 kilometers Beijing measured 1000 meters relative altitude 35 kilometers
Wide voltage power supply 7v-17v  
Weight 980 g Includes two GPS antennas
Dimensions 130×106×56mm  
Operating temperature -25 to +85 °C  

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