Unmanned Helicopters

200kg Payload Unmanned Helicopter ZJHY-600

Product Introduction
ZJHY-600 is a medium-size, plateau-focused, general-purpose, unmanned helicopter. It adopts the traditional configuration of a single main rotor with a tail rotor. The main rotor and tail rotor are both designed with no articulated hub type, which is free of maintenance. The tail beam and landinggear are designed with quick disassembly. And the structure of this helicopter adopts modulardesign, which is convenient for maintenance. It has a variety of mission load loading forms, includ-ing the front end of the fuselage, the top end of the main rotor shaft mast, the inner compartmentof the fuselage abdomen, the lateral position of the abdomen and the hanging point under the abdomen. With the mature and reliable design of redundant avionics system verified by a certain type of UAV,ZJHY-600 unmanned helicopter can meet most civilian and some military requirements.

Technique Data
Main Rotor Diameter:7.0m
Number of Main Rotor Blades:3
Main Rotor Speed:500rpm
Tail Rotor Diameter:1.3m
Tail Rotor Speed:2730rpm
Dimensions:6.05m x 1.72m x 2.20m
Empty Weight:350kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight:620kg
Maximum Speed:170km/h
Cruise Speed:150km/h
Endurance Time:6h (200kg Commercial)12h (100kg Commercial)
Engine Model:Rotax915,100kW ( 135hp)
Static Ceiling:4500m (Takeoff weight 550kg)
Dynamic Ceiling:6000m (Takeoff weight 550kg)
Maneuvering Load Factor -0.5~2.0
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