Unmanned Helicopters

100kg Payload Unmanned Helicopter LJ-320

The LJ-320 unmanned helicopter is a new generation product independently developed by the company. Its dual rotors are in a tandem layout, with high engine working efficiency, a wide range of fuselage center of gravity configurations, and strong wind resistance. Space is small. It has the distinctive features of compact layout, large load, long flight time and long range. It is widely used in military and civilian dual-use markets such as battlefield reconnaissance, observation and attack integration, aerial targets, monitoring and monitoring, command and communication, electronic countermeasures, and material transportation.

Technical indicators:
Maximum take-off weight: 320kg
Payload: 100kg
Control radius: 100km (expandable)
Body length: 3150mm
Body width: 1050mm
Body height: 1400mm
Maximum ceiling: 4000m
Endurance time: 2-5h
Power Fuel: Gasoline
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