Unmanned Helicopters

GQ-580 Unmanned Helicopter

The GQ-580 unmanned helicopter adopts a tandem dual-rotor layout, which is very suitable for plateau environments. Compared with the conventional layout, the tandem dual-rotor layout avoids 10%-15% or even higher power consumption due to the cancellation of the tail rotor to maintain flight balance, and can use all the power to generate the pulling force of the rotor; The main reducer and rotor weight of the tandem dual-rotor layout can also be lighter; the compact layout also helps to reduce the structural weight of the helicopter, which increases the payload of the unmanned helicopter. The tandem dual-rotor layout has a high tolerance to the change of the center of gravity, allowing the longitudinal center of gravity to change in a large range, and has a large safety redundancy, which is very beneficial for carrying various loads. The tandem dual-rotor layout also has a more prominent hovering control capability, is less sensitive to changes in wind direction, has better climbing performance, and can minimize the transmission of propeller vibration to the fuselage, providing a better working environment for the carried load. environment.

The tandem dual-rotor layout specifically solves many problems faced by helicopters in plateau environments, and has better performance than conventional layout helicopters. It can be used as an unmanned aerial transport platform, and can provide troops with conventional and near-flight supplies by means of air drop, cable drop, and throwing, etc., to meet the logistics transport supply needs in special environments such as plateau outposts, border defense islands, etc. Moreover, the platform has good electromagnetic compatibility characteristics, low electromagnetic noise, and can be mounted with ultrashort wave and other wireless broadband communication relay equipment to provide communication relay for combat units and realize long-distance multi-node communication requirements in mountainous environments or emergency situations.

The GQ-580 unmanned helicopter has the characteristics and advantages of large load, long range, and strong wind resistance. It is very suitable for plateau environments and can be widely used in plateau reconnaissance, integrated search and attack, aerial targeting, communication relay, and electronic countermeasures. , material rescue transportation and other military and civilian markets. I believe that in the future, we will be able to make greater contributions to the consolidation of national defense and the happiness of people's lives in the snow-covered plateau.

Length 3600mm
Width 1250mm
Height 1700mm.
Maximum take-off weight 580 kg
Maximum Payload 200kg
The maximum range is 1200 kilometers
The maximum service ceiling is 7000 meters
Endurance 8 hours
Flight speed 158km/h
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