Fixed Wing Drones

Rainbow CH-95 Medium and Long Range Reconnaissance Strike UAV

It is a multi-purpose wheeled take-off and landing drone that successfully completed its maiden flight last June. It is reported that 30 minutes after taking off, CH-95 UAV in the flight airspace, encountered a class 8 dust storm, the maximum air speed of 30 meters per second, accompanied by rain, high frequency lightning and a large area of sand.

Facing of sudden danger, the test team responded calmly and started the predetermined emergency plan. After flying for nearly 2 hours, through the joint efforts of all the staff, the drone successfully carried out the rain slide recovery by taking advantage of the window period when the wind speed was reduced, and the drone withstood the extremely harsh environment and made a successful first flight.

Maximum take-off weight: 650KG

Maximum load weight: 170KG
Ceiling: 7000M

Combat radius: 250KM (line-of-sight)
Endurance: 6h~12h
Type of payload: day and night photoelectronic reconnaissance platform SAR/GMTI radar precision-guided bomb communication relay and electronic warfare equipment
Takeoff and landing mode: double mode takeoff and landing

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