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Aisheng ASN-206/207 Reconnaissance UAV

The ASN-206 is a lightweight, short-range, tactical multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) developed by Xi'an ASN Technology Group Company, a commercial company owned by Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU). The ASN-206 can be used for day/night aerial reconnaissance, electronic warfare and countermeasures (EW/ECM), battlefield surveillance, target positioning, artillery spotting, border patrol, nuclear radiation sampling, aerial photography and prospecting, and electronic countermeasures. It is one of the most popular and advanced tactical UAV systems fielded by the PLA.

The development of the ASN-206 completed in December 1994 and the serial production began in 1996. Winner of the 1996 Chinese National Award for Technology Improvement, the ASN-206 was reportedly developed under the assistance of Tadiran Spectralink Ltd, a Israeli company specialising in the airborne communications and electronic countermeasures (ECM) systems, but this cannot be confirmed.

A versatile aerial platform, the ASN-206 could be fitted with various mission payloads according to the requirements. The most significant improvement on the ASN-206 is its real-time datalink, which transfers video images to the ground control without any delay, while older-generation UAVs have to be recovered before the photo intelligence can be retreated. The UAV is being widely used by the PLA for various tactical roles.

The ASN-206 uses a tail-pushed, twin-tail braced design. The advantage of this layout is that the propeller driven by the tail-mounted engine would not disturb the sight of reconnaissance system

The ASN-206 can be configured with regular or infrared cameras or television seekers which would give the system a near-real-time capability. Some reports indicated that the electro-optical observation package on the ASN-206 was derived from an observation device purchased from Israel's Tadiran Ltd. The navigation systems of the UAV incorporates GPS and radio command.

The UAV is controlled by a digital flight control and management system, and is connected with the ground station through its intergrade radio system and advanced mission control system. The video data from the optical/infrared cameras are transmitted to the ground station in real time.
ASN-206/207 Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle

ASN-207 is an improved version of the ASN-206 with extended range and increased payload. It also features a mushroom-shape antenna for receiving flight control command (Chinese Internet)A

Mission Equipment

For intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) roles, the ASN-206 carries a stabilised multi-mission optronic payload, which has a modular design with different combinations of sensors:

  • Monochrome and color CCD, or
  • 3 color CCD's, or
  • 8-12micro-metre infrared and 3-5 mm focal plane array infrared cameras, or
  • Laser range finder and designators

Optronic payload specifications:

Diameter: 354mm
Height: 548mm
Elevation: 15 to -105 degree
Azimuth: 360 degree
Field of View (FoV): 0.37 degree narrow (CCD), 1.3 to 18.2 degree zoom (CCD); FoV IR (both 8-12 and 3-5 mm): 2.4/8.2/29.2 degree for narrow/medium/wide
Power: 280W 28 V DC

For electronic warfare and countermeasures (EW/ECM) roles, the UAV is fitted with a JN-1102 EW/ECM suite, which can scan, intercept, analyse, monitor, and jam enemy ground-to-air communications at 20~500MHz. The system consists of a UAV-mounted intercept subsystem, a UAV-mounted jamming subsystem and a ground-based intercept and jamming control subsystem.


A standard ASN-206 system comprises:

  • 6-10 aircraft
  • Command and control vehicle
  • M obile control vehicle
  • Launch vehicle (each carrying one UAV)
  • Power supply vehicle
  • Intelligence processing vehicle
  • Maintenance vehicle
  • Transport vehicle

The UAV is transported and launched by a 6 x 6 flat-bed truck. An accessorial rocket is used when taking-off. Landing by parachute.

The UAV is powered by a horizontally opposed, air-cooled, 4 cylinder, 2 stroke HS-700 piston engine rated at 51hp.

ASN-206 UAV Specifications
Wingspan: 6m
Length: 3.8m
Height: 1.4m
Weight: Max take-off 222kg; Max mission payload 50kg
Speed: Maximum 210km/h
Range: 150km
Flight Endurance: 4 - 8 hours
Service Ceiling: 5,000 - 6,000m

ASN-207 UAV Specifications。
Length: 3.54m
Wingspan:.4.8 m
Maximum takeoff weight: 270 kg
Cruising speed: 150 km \ h
Maximum flying speed: 250 km \ h
Maximum flight distance: 600 km
Maximum altitude: 5100 m
Aircraft engine type: piston


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