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ASN-229A Reconnaissance Strike UAV

The easiest serial Chinese unmanned vehicle, capable of carrying guided missiles is the ASN-229A, created by specialists of the Corporation Xian Aisheng Technology Group (ASN UAV). 365-th Scientific research Institute, a division of XI'an Northwest Polytechnic University in the past been the main developer of UAVs easy class for the army of the PLA.

UAV ASN-229A is the large size of the apparatus in the line of drones, created by a Chinese Corporation, and is intended to replace the armament of the ASN-104/105. The main task of the drone is to conduct aerial reconnaissance, electronic warfare, relay VHF radio signals and correction of artillery fire. Simultaneously, the ASN-229A is capable of precision strikes on small and moving targets.

New military drone built by the normal aerodynamic scheme with verhneraspolozhennyh wing with large elongation and has dvuhkilevoe plumage. Powerplant placed in the rear fuselage, includes a piston engine with two-bladed pusher propeller. In the forward part of the fuselage sighting and surveillance system, electro-optical and thermal cameras and laser rangefinder-designator. The data exchange allows communication with the station control on the range of direct visibility and in a satellite channel. In addition, the device has two underwing hardpoints for anti-tank guided missile AR-1. The launch of the UAV is performed with the start-up device using the solid rocket boosters, landing by parachute.
Compared with army drones of the previous generation weight and dimensions the ASN-229A is substantially increased. Takeoff weight reaches 800 kg. wing Span 11 m, length – 5.5 m payload kg. -100 Altitude up to 8,000 m. Maximum speed – 220 km/h, cruising – 160-180 km/h flight Duration – up to 20 hours

As the ASN-229A is superior in range and time spent in the air, other Chinese drones for the new control station mounted on mobile chassis. UAV ASN-229A is used only of the Ground forces of the PLA and for export, is not shipped.
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