Fixed Wing Drones

ASN-209H Reconnaissance Strike UAV

The ASN-209h drone system includes "two aircraft and one station", is the latest product to meet the demand of the "sliding run/reconnaissance -and- attack combination (optional)" of the military, police, foreign trade and civil markets.
 It is mature in the prototype unmanned aerial vehicle  platform based on the system retrofit and further improvement: airborne adopted the latest real-time embedded avionics technology structure and product, USES the all-weather, independent control of similar double redundancy landing boot device, change the 75 horsepower efi engine and 3 leaf carbon fiber spinning propeller, change the aviation special low-pressure tires, full carbon fiber main landing gear and full electric braking system; There are 3 external hanging points arranged under the wings and fuselage, which can mount a variety of different task equipment of different standards or sub-mailbox, etc.

Max horizontal flight speed: 200km/h
Cruising speed: 160-180km/h
Practical ceiling: 7000m
Endurance: 12h
Maximum take-off weight: 380kg
Mission load: 50kg
Control radius: 200km(altitude: 2000m)
Take off and land method: slide run take off and land
Captain: 4800 mm

Wingspan: 7500 mm   


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