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ASN-215 Multi-purpose UAV

ASN-215 multi-purpose UAV is equipped with digital cameras, television (TV) and forward looking infrared (FLIR) reconnaissance equipment to conduct real-time aerial reconnaissance of ground targets day and night, battlefield surveillance, target tracking and positioning, damage assessment, and missile and artillery calibrations. The UAV system consists of aircraft, ground stations and support equipment.

ASN-215 UAV adopts a digital flight control system with programmed flight control, manual flight control and emergency flight mode, and GPS and radio data link positioning functions, making the system easy to use and operate.
The ASN-215 UAV uses rocket launch and parachute recovery, which eliminates the need for runways and makes the system highly maneuverable. The UAV ground station adopts digital computer control technology and has the ability of multi-task planning, which can be revised and changed in real time during flight.

ASN-215 UAV system uses CCD+ forward-looking infrared as the main reconnaissance means and is equipped with a high resolution aerial camera. According to user requirements, UAVs can be equipped with different mission equipment such as electronic countermeasures, communication relay and weather detection. Realize multifunctional purpose.

Main Technical Parameters
Long: 3750mm
wingspan: 5000mm
Max Take-off Weight:220kg
Mission Payload: 60kg
Endurance: 5h
Practcal Ceiling: 6000 m
Crusing Speed: 120km/h-16km/h
Max Speed: 200km/h
Control Range: 200km
Launch & Recowers: Rocket booster /Take off roll, Parachute Glide landing

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