Fixed Wing Drones

ASN-212 Border Patrol Drone

ASN-212 Short Range UAV can install small sized TV, IR, digital camera or weather detection sensor. Mainly used for ground disaster exploration, petroleum pipeline detection, atmosphere exploration, etc. If is installed mini special payload, it can perform battle field survey, destroy validation and frontier patrol.
ASN-212 UAV system is consisted of aircraft, payload, data link and GCS. This type of UAV is characterized with 2-engine pulling structure, take off and landing roll. Its ceiling is 4800m.

Main Technical Parameters
Max Take-off Weight:50kg
Crusing Speed: 60km/h-90km/h
Max  Speed:40km/h
Max Altitude:4800m
Max Mission Payload:6kg-12kg
Control Range:120km
Launch & Recover: Landing wheel/Catapult/Glide landing/Parachute
Wing Span:4200mm
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