High Speed Target Drone

WJ-500 Drone / High Speed Target Drone

 WJ-500 drone is a jet powered UAV developed by CASIC intended for various missions, such as targeting, reconnaissance, target damage assessment, and simulation of cruise missiles and aircraft. WJ-500 drone has a cylindrical fuselage with inlet atop the empennage. Wing tip tank can be installed on the main wing.

The WJ-500 drone is so small that it looks like a shoulder-fired missile launcher. According to engineers, the WJ-500 is more popular, though it is smaller and lacks the range of the WJ-600. The reason lies in its remarkable ability to evade radar. WJ500 can fly almost close to the sea, only 3 to 5 meters above the sea level, radar is difficult to detect, takeoff only rely on the launch vehicle, no need to rely on the airport takeoff and landing, easy to carry.
The WJ-500 has a payload of just 30 kilograms and can be used for reconnaissance or to carry missiles. Aircraft can also carry missiles by reducing some of the filming equipment. The WJ500 guidance system is very advanced and can lock the target quickly and accurately. For military installations that are particularly important to the enemy, you can even use aircraft guidance systems to make disposable suicide missiles.

Take-off weight: 230kg
Line speed:600-750km/h
Navigation:1 h
Ceiling height:5-8000m
Power energy:turbojet
Measurement and control radius: 100km
Wind resistance: level 8-9
Take - off rocket boost
Method of landing parachute, airbag


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