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AVIC Wing Loong I Drone (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance UAV)

Wing Loong UAV
The Wing Loong UAV, developed by Chengdu Aircraft Design And Research Institute (CAIG) under AVIC, is a medium-low altitude, dual-use, long-endurance multi-purpose UAV. With a fully autonomous platform.

English name: Wing Loong UAV
Aircraft type: long endurance reconnaissance strike uav
Wing Loong UAV development: Development began in May 2005, first flight was completed in October 2007, performance/mission load flight test was completed in October 2008.

Application: The Wing Loong uav can carry a variety of reconnaissance, laser irradiation/ranging, electronic countermeasures equipment and small air-to-ground strike weapons. It can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance, ground attack and other tasks, as well as anti-terrorism and border patrol. In addition, it is widely used in civil and scientific research, such as disaster monitoring, anti-smuggling and anti-drug, environmental protection, atmospheric research, as well as geological exploration, meteorological observation, geodesy, pesticide spraying and forest fire prevention.

Wing Loong UAV models: Wing Loong UAV (Wing Loong UAV 1), Wing Loong UAV -H, Wing Loong UAV -D, Wing Loong UAV - ⅰ D

Wing Loong UAV export: Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh Bangladesh, Thailand, etc

Structure: to make using normal type pneumatic layout, string than single wing, v-shaped rear wing, fuselage, tail is equipped with a piston engine, the wing and the inner flap, flap is V tail without direction/elevator, USES the tricycle landing gear, with an income and brake function, the body structure USES aluminium alloy materials, composites radome used through wave. With a fuselage of 9.34 meters, a wingspan of 14 meters and a height of 2.7 meters, the wingloong aircraft has a large aspect ratio, so it has a large lift force, a small induced resistance, and a large cruising lift resistance, which can stay in the air for a long time.

Wing Loong UAV Specifications

General characteristics
Crew: None (UAV)
Length: 9.05 m (29 ft 8 in)
Wingspan: 14 m (45 ft 11 in)
Height: 2.77 m (9 ft 1 in)
Gross weight: 1,100 kg (2,425 lb)
Propellers: 3-bladed

Maximum speed: 280 km/h (170 mph, 150 kn)
Range: 4,000 km (2,500 mi, 2,200 nmi)
Endurance: 20 hours
Service ceiling: 5,000 m (16,000 ft)

1,000 kilograms (2,200 lb) of air-to-surface weapons
100 kilograms (220 lb) capacity for sensors

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... vom neuartigen Typ UAV-X, sind in der Anlage eingeschlagen, die dem ... Die Chengdu Wing Loong etwa, die mit ihrem Propellerantrieb

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Serbia's far from the first country to buy Chengdu's Pterodactyl-1 drones: also known as the Wing Loong

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Serbia will become the first European country to acquire Chinese-origin UAVs as it plans to clinch a deal for 9 Wing Loong armed drones,

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Defense Industry Daily-2019年9月11日
Serbia is getting nine Wing Loong Unmanned Air Vehicles from China, local media reports.

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Infonet (lời tuyên bố phát cho các báo)-2019年9月10日
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Photographs which surfaced online show the Wing Loong drone essentially lying on the ground, with a broken landing gear.

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The Wing Loong drone and other very recent Chinese aircraft and defense developments are chronicled in Rupprecht's definitive new books

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The export of medium altitude, long endurance (MALE) UAVs has been a ... The Wing Loong family has long been a staple at the biennial Air

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Reuters UK-2019年5月8日
“The panel is now investigating the probable use of Wing Loong UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) variants by the LNA or by a third party

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The LJ-7 is the main armament of the Chinese-made Wing Loong drone. The Wing Loong, which is roughly similar to the U.S.-made Predato

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The Egyptian Ministry of Defence has confirmed that it has taken the Chinese-built Chengdu Wing Loong unmanned air vehicle (UAV) into

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100th Wing Loong armed reconnaissance drone to be delivered to ... that it is about to deliver the 100th made-for-export Wing Loong drone

China exports 100 unmanned aircraft Wing Loong
CHENGDU, Dec. 25 (Xinhua) -- The producer of China's domestically-developed Wing Loong on Tuesday delivered the 100th unmanned
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