VTOL Fixed Wing Drones

Aisheng ASN-216(LG-216A)Vertical Take-off and Landing UAV

     ANS-216(LG-216A)Vertical Take-off and Landing UAV is a kind of system mainly used for environment monitoring, electricity power/oil pipeline patrol, railway patrol, surveying and mapping, border patrol etc. The UAV has feature of long endurance,high reliability, independent vertical take-off & landing, long control distance, convenient maintenance. Meanwhile, it can be equipped with stable with stable EO platform, and has ability to transmit high definition image.

ASN-216 UAV System is composed of aircraft, payload, data link and GCS. This type of UAV is characterized with many different kinds of take off and landing modes, which is suitable for emergency. Its ceiling is 4800m.

Design Features

Long-distance transmission of HDI:50km control radius, 1080p high definition image transmission.
50million camera pixels, choose trpe of equipment based on tasks, guarantee the quality of aerial survey data.
RTK location technology, provide centimete ter-level exterior line elements.
Full automatic driving, convenient system operation.
Smooth flight, resistant to complex dimates, aerial photograph with high quality.
No siterestrictons.
Without time limit, using visible light cameraat daytime for the surveillance, using infrared camera to monitor target thermal signal at night.
Matureproduct, stable performance.

Main Technical Specification
Max.Take-off Weight: 30kg
Cruising Speed: 80-100km/h
Max.Speed: 120km/h
Service Ceiling: 5000m
Endurance: >4h
Payload: 4kg
Control Radius: ≥50km
Take-off and Landing Modes: Independent Vertical Take-off & Landing
Length: 2220mm
Wing Span: 3200mm


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