VTOL Fixed Wing Drones

AR-36 Drone

The AR-36 drone is a low-altitude, military-civilian dual-use, long-endurance multi-purpose tail seat vertical take-off and landing UAV. This UAV combines the advantages of rotor vertical take-off and landing with the characteristics of fixed-wing long-endurance. AR-36 UAV adopts an oil-electric hybrid power system and has a fully autonomous platform. This drone can be equipped with a variety of mission loads to perform tasks such as real-time information detection, reconnaissance, tracking and monitoring, communication relay, etc., and can also expand the detection and strike functions.

The drone has a 12-hour endurance with a full 5kg load and 16 liters of fuel. It is protected against salty air for naval use. It requires only 5 minutes for assembly and disassembly.Its modular design makes it easy to maintain. The entire system made of the drone, its control station and packaging weighs less than 40 kg.

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