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Rainbow CH-10 Tilt-Rotor VTOL Shipboard Reconnaissance Strike Drone

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    China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC) on Wednesday revealed the CH-10 tilt-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

   CH-10 tilt-rotor UAV, a new UAV integrating helicopter technology and fixed-wing aircraft technology ,Like a helicopter, the drone can take off and land vertically and hover in the air, while as a fixed-wing aircraft, it cruises rapidly and travels a long distance. The shift of flight modes is done through the tilting rotor, the academy said.

     One of the main advantage of a tilt-rotor aircraft, it could be used without the need of runway which extend application domain compared with fixed-wing UAVs, VTOL (Vertical and/or short Take-Off and Landing) UAVs.

    As an unmanned platform capable of both reconnaissance and battle, the main mission of the CH-10 is to accompany large- and medium-sized naval ships or army forces and to conduct intelligence missions, including reconnaissance, detection, communications relay, search, target identification, and relay guidance, the statement said.

It can take off and land on medium and large destroyers and frigates, it said.

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