UAV Rocket Booster

We customize UAV (including target) rocket boosters according to different needs of customers。

Firefox UAV boost engine series:

Product description
It has the characteristics of short working time and large instantaneous thrust. The diameter is generally less than 250mm. It includes a variety of booster engines with different diameters and different total impulses. The total impulse range is 4kN·s~55kN·s, which can meet the assistance of various types of UAVs. Push launch requirements, product reliability as high as 99%, can meet the storage and use requirements of 10 years.

Technical characteristics
Thrust line lateral shift <0.4mm;
Optimized design of combustion surface to reduce thrust fluctuation;
Solve the influence of thrust deflection and fluctuations on launch attitude;
Reduce the difficulty of UAV system design and use;

Product parameter

Model 365 220 200A 200 122B
Average thrust 56.1kN 21.2kN 13.4kN 17kN 10.5kN
Working time 2.9s 2.5s 3s 2s 2s
Diameter 363mm 220mm 200mm 200mm 122mm
Total impulse 153kN•s 53kN·s 40kN·s 34kN·s 21kN·s


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