UAV Catapult Launching System Customization

The UAV catapult mainly consists of main frame, lock release mechanism, elastic rope, pulley, shock absorption system, main track pulley, electric winch and other major components. The ejection frame supports fixed-wing UAVs with three-point, three-point, and skid-type layouts, which can be customized according to different models.

Transport (remove the aircraft bracket): 1.7m x 0.52m x 0.8m (length x width x height)
Length: 5.5 meters unfolded when working, 3 folded;
Weight: 100 kg, can be operated by 3 people;
Power: 3500 pound electric winch machine plus special imported rubber band × 4;
Power supply: 12V40AH battery or better battery (10 ejections);
Scope of application: 20~50kg front-pull or rear-pull fixed-wing aircraft;
Ejection muzzle velocity: > 20 m/s;
Applicable aircraft propeller: below 22 inches (the bracket can be changed according to the size of the aircraft propeller);
Aircraft brackets can be customized according to different aircraft layouts to meet aircraft with different propeller sizes.
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