QHL-60 UAV Pneumatic Catapult Launcher

  QHL-60 UAV pneumatic catapult launcher is perfect for uav and target drones of takeoff weight under 60 kg and target missile of below 40 kg.

Powered by build-in energy-storage system and power source, QHL-60 UAV pneumatic catapult launcher ensures safe and convenient launching trials in all terrain and environmental conditions with hydraulic damper and angle-adjusting system for superior efficiency.

QHL-60 UAV Pneumatic Catapult Launcher

Without the redundancy of access equipment, QHL-60 collects and displays launching data (including launching speed, acceleration, launching angle etc,.) for recording. Launching is triggered by pulling rope and the complete operation process is solo-manageable.

Setup ready in 10 minutes, this compact single-slideway model can be easily towed by ORVs or light truck for shifting sites in practical operation. Recovering in 5 minutes, fast and continual launching trial is guaranteed . The whole system is suitable for container storage or truck load.

QHL-60 UAV pneumatic catapult launcher  is the top choice for a cost and performance efficient pneumatic launcher to support your lightweight tactical drones. 

  Length 6560mm
  Takeoff weight 60kg
  Takeoff speed 30m/S(40kg powered model)
  Max. of acceleration ≤9g
  Launch angle 0° ~ 12°
  Setup time ready for launch ≤10min
  Recovery time ≤5min
  Operation temperature -25℃ ~ +50℃
  Launcher weight 870kg
  Additional air tank weight 38kg
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