QHL-750 UAV Pneumatic Catapult Launcher

 QHL-750 UAV pneumatic catapult launcher, the latest pneumatic launcher series with renovated three-folded structure and even greater power came up as the ultimate solution for high-altitude long-distance UAV and target drones of up to 750kg.

Adjustable slider and flight parameters make QHL-750 series suitable for all kinds of UAVs of takeoff weight up to 600kg, the enhanced version, QHL-750, brings the range to 750kg serving almost any possible aircraft you may need.

Based on the 3rd generation of WOFEI pneumatic launching technology,QHL-750 stands out with its excellent smart control system allowing parameters input and setting up different takeoff speed according to different types and technical requirements of UAVs.

A dedicated computer with Qihang’s exclusive security and emergency control program comes with the launcher package to make sure the automatic buffer system runs in case of accident and handling error.

Transportation and practice is easy as the whole system with built-in power case, hydraulic system and energy storage device can be installed onto a light truck or towed for site-shifting. Automatically unfolds and ready in minutes, continuous and stable launches can be realized in any geographical and environmental conditions. 

  Length 4325mm - 12580mm
  Track Length 3970mm - 12160mm
  Width 1776mm
  Height 1335mm 3090mm
  Takeoff Weight 750kg
  Takeoff Speed 35m/S
  Max. Of Acceleration ≤10g
  Time ready for takeoff ≤30min
  Operation Temperature -25℃ ~ +50℃
  System Weight 2560kg
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