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The Shahed 136 drone is a fixed-wing suicide drone designed to strike fixed targets for long distance.

Shahed-136 drone has the following characteristics:

1.    The combat range is long. The "Shahed 136 drone" suicide drone has a range of 1,000 kilometers.
2.    The operation is effective with low-cost. In popular terms, the "Shahed 136" drone is cheap, and it does not cost much money in the case of large-scale use, but the combat effect is very good.
3.    The "Shahed 136" suicide drone has strong mobility and has less influenced by limitation of the battlefield. "Shahed 136" suicide drone is easy to carry, and it can be launched in an open space. The requirements for the launch position are very simple, and it can be launched anytime and anywhere.
4.    The "Shahed 136" suicide drone has a low, small and slow flight characteristic, which is not easy to be captured by radar. When use the radar to capture, the radar is easy to be found by the manned/unmanned pilot aircraft, and the use of anti-radiation bombs to destroy may cause the radar to become the target of Loitering Munition directly.

The accessories of Shahed 136 drone we offer includes:
1. Shahed 136 drone fuselage:
2. Shahed 136 drone MD 550 engine 
3. Shahed 136 drone servo motor:
4, Shahed 136 drone anti jamming gnss receiver
5. Shahed 136 drone flight control System:The flight control system and the drone fuselage are matched
6..Shahed 136 drone launcher:
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