Antennas for the Navigation Systems

GNSS Anti CRPA Antenna System (low cost) WF02

WF02 Anti-Jam CRPA System supports critical missions by providing jam free GNSS signals. With an 4-array CRPA antenna, the system can assure the normal operation of GNSS receiver in presence of multiple jamming sources. WF-02 Anti-Jam CRPA System can be employed using various configuration and operates with civil and military GPS receivers for the land, sea, air platforms (including unmanned aerial systems) and fixed installations. 

 Antenna version without receiver

How it works
WF-02 mitigates interference by creating nulls in the antenna gain pattern in the direction of jammers, providing significant anti‑jam protection even in dynamic multi‑jammer scenarios. The output is a protected standard Radio Frequency (RF) signal, free from jamming and suitable for input to modern and legacy GNSS receivers.

• Immediate availability for urgent operational needs
• Simple assembly means easy to install or retrofit
• Compatible with all types of external GPS receivers and vehicle navigation systems
• Minimal integration training required
• Light Weight
• Ultra Compact Size
• Superior Suppression Performance
• Embedded GNSS Receiver Option

• Fixed Winged Aircraft
• Rotary Wing Aircraft
• Unmanned Autonomous Systems
• Guided Munitions
• Armored Vehicles
• Naval Platforms, Coast Guard Platforms
• Armored Trucks, Critical Asset Tracking

Dimensions (mm) : 120×120×32
Weight (g) : 430 Power
Consumption (w) : < 15 W
Antenna Array: 4 Array CRPA Antenna
Simultaneous Independent Nulling: 3
Simultaneous Active Bands: GPS L1 GALILEO E1 BEIDOU B1
Nominal Wideband Suppression: > 85 dB J/S performance based on performance of typical GPS receivers, in the presence of 3 spatially diverse broadband jammers
Data Interfaces: Serial
Connectors: 1 x SMA Female, 1 x J30J 21-pin Socket
Operating Voltage: 12V dc
Operating Temperature: -40 °C to +70 °

GNSS Anti CRPA System
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