Antennas for the Navigation Systems

Eight-channel Satellite Navigation Anti-jamming Module DFGR-AR05

The DFGR-AR05 eight-channel anti-jamming module adopts one anti-jamming processor and connects four two-channel ADs to complete digital down-conversion and anti-jamming signal processing respectively, and can output two channels of DAC digital intermediate frequency or I/Q zero intermediate frequency output. DFGR-AR05 eight-channel anti-jamming module can output information such as interference signal status detection and anti-jamming mode according to external control commands, and can be used in conjunction with dual-mode array RF front-end.

     With 2-channel X4 16bit large dynamic range ADC;
     High channel isolation and good consistency;
     With channel individual closing control function;
     Can monitor the number, strength, azimuth and other information of interference signals;
     With program online upgrade function;
     It can realize 8 anti-interference processing, which can be used for BD2 S+B3 anti-interference;
     Low cost and low power consumption.

     Application field
     Suitable for carrier applications such as aerospace, UAV, special vehicles, ships, etc.;
     Suitable for satellite navigation applications in harsh electromagnetic environments.

Anti-interference ability Narrowband anti-interference interference-to-signal ratio ≥95dBc
B3 wideband anti-interference interference-to-signal ratio 1 Interference ≥ 85dBc, 3 Interference ≥ 80dBc
S anti-interference interference to signal ratio 1 Interference ≥ 75dBc, 3 Interference ≥ 70dBc
Response time ≤400us
Interference direction estimation accuracy ≤10°
Working clock 62MHz
ADC Number of channels 4×2
Working clock 62MHz
Resolution 16bit
DAC Number of channels 2
Resolution 14bit
Maximum output value 1Vpp
Environmental experimental Operating temperature -55℃~+70
Storage temperature -55℃~+85
Dimensions 80mm×60mm×20mm
Weight 200g
Power consumption <6W, 5V
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