Antennas for the Navigation Systems

Anti-jamming Satellite Navigation System Receiver

Product Description:
BDS/GPS/GLONASS airborne anti-jamming device can simultaneously receive satellite signals of BDS B3, GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 frequency points. The self-adaptive filtering technology points the null direction of the array combining pattern to the direction of the interference, and the beamforming technology is used to direct the high gain direction of the array combining to the direction of the effective satellite, so as to suppress the interference and improve the satellite collection performance. In the complex electromagnetic environment, when the ordinary satellite navigation system loses the positioning ability, the anti-jamming antenna can still receive the navigation satellite signal normally, and realize the real-time positioning, speed measurement and timing of the missile body. The airborne anti-jamming device can simultaneously resist multiple suppressive interference, including continuous wave, frequency sweep, pulse, narrowband, broadband, etc.

Multi-frequency anti-jamming: can realize anti-jamming processing of BDS B3, GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 at the same time
Integrated design: The anti-jamming processor can be integrated according to the reserved space of the carrier
Online phase correction: support online phase correction
Star collection performance: Use multi-azimuth beamforming technology to maximize the star collection performance in non-interference directions
Interface configuration: Through the configuration interface, various anti-interference parameter configurations, program programming, fault detection, selection of channel signal pass-through, output signal strength, detection of interference and interference strength can be performed through the configuration interface.
Anti-vibration shock: strong ability to withstand shock and vibration, stable and reliable performance
Military-grade quality: strong environmental adaptability, meeting the requirements of military-grade equipment

Airborne platform
special vehicle
Signal input and output Signal input frequency BDSB3, GPS L1 and GLONASS L1
Signal input strength -133dBm to -110dBm
Signal output frequency BDSB3, GPS L1 and GLONASS L1
Signal output strength -90dBm to -60dBm adjustable
Anti-interference performance Anti-interference type Continuous wave, frequency sweep, pulse, narrowband, broadband and other suppression interference
Anti-interference quantity 3
Anti-interference ability Broadband single interference: ≥80dB
Broadband three interference: ≥70dB
Electrical Characteristics Supply voltage 28VDC
Average power consumption 30W
Peak power consumption 35W
Physical properties Antenna size Customizable
Antenna weight ≤2kg (varies according to customization)
Processor size 300mm × 165mm × 110mm (can be customized)
Processor weight ≤5kg (varies according to customization)
Environmental characteristics Operating temperature -55°℃~+70°℃
Storage temperature -50°℃~+70°℃
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Shock, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility and other indicators meet the relevant requirements of GJB

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