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Precision Guidance Kit (PGK)

We provide KITs for different artillery shells.
The Leading Precision Guided kit is an innovative product for the conventional artillery, corrects inherent ballistic errors in the flight path of artillery projectiles. The leading PGK delivers precision fire guided by navigation satellites without requiring modifications to the shell structure. It has the characteristics of high cost performance, simple structure, convenient operation, transportation and storage, and is compatible with mortars, howitzers, rockets and other artillery shells of various calibers. Leading PGK improves combat effectiveness, reduces logistical burdens, seizes the victory chance. Leading PGK, lead the way to victory! Welcome to visit the website: to learn more about us.
The following is: Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) for 120mm Mortar Bomb。
1 Product Introduction

Precision Guidance Kit (PGK)  Product Introduction
The Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) for 120mm Mortar Bomb can be directly installed on the original mortar bomb. After the PGK is installed, the precision of mortar bomb can reach CEP < 15m.
PGK is usually stored separately

The PGK is usually stored separately and can be directly used on the standard mortar bomb, so the installation process is safe and reliable. When firing, the PGK can be quickly and conveniently installed on the top of the standard mortar bomb.

1.1 Production Characteristics
■ With simple structure and convenient use. Soldiers can operate the product after simple training.
■ The proposed products can be manufactured in large quantities quickly.
■ It can be used in all-weather conditions with little influence.
■ High safety, no danger during the installation.
■ No manual operation is needed after firing
■ The low logistic cost.
■ Common ammunition becomes intelligent and guided weapon, especially for traditional shell.
■ After launch, it can fly to the target automatically without any intervention. Greatly improve
fighting capacity and reduce logistics support costs.
■The PGK can be directly installed on the traditional ammunition, changing the ordinary
ammunition into guided ammunition.
■ Excellent firepower mobility: when the range is 7 km, without changing the firing parameters,
the bomb can hit any target within 800 m radius around the target.
■ Good interchangeability: while the fault occurs, the PGK can be replaced easily, and the mortar
bomb can also be used as a conventional shell without reducing the fighting capacity.
■ No modification required on the existing ammunition.
■ Carry a certain number of PGK in the battle, and install the PGK to the bomb when it is necessary to hit point targets.
If no need to hit point targets and only perform suppression tasks, the ordinary ammunition will be directly used.

1.2 Operation Flow

1.3 The Typical Targets

2 Technical Function and Comparison

2.1 Operational Effectiveness Comparison

In modern war, artillery system is still a regional oppressive weapon, far from meeting the requirements of "surgical" longdistance precision strike. In the past, artillery relied on a lot of ammunition to destroy the target. To destroy the same target, at least 30 traditional shells are needed, while 1 guided shells is ok.
After a large number of experiments and verification, the accuracy of ordinary ammunition can be effectively increase from 50-60m to within 8-15m under the same conditions after the installation of the PGK, which completely solves the general Ammunition’s problem of inaccurate.

2.2 Comparison of the Similar Products
Complete bomb based on B-B steering engine
Structure: complex
Reliability: low
Folding tail: required
PGK purchased separately: not supported
Auxiliary measuring components: gyr
The product from USA
Structure: simple
Reliability: high
Folding tail: required
PGK purchased separately: not supported
Auxiliary measuring components: gyro
Complete bomb based on pulse engine
Structure: complex
Reliability: low
Folding tail: required
PGK purchased separately: not supported
Auxiliary measuring components: geomagnetism
The proposed PGK
Structure: simple
Reliability: high
Folding tail: not required
PGK purchased separately: support
Auxiliary measuring components: not required

Through a lot of market research, we find that the current products of the same kind in the market are designed as a whole bomb, with complex structure and high cost. At present, we are the only enterprise in China to realize the non-modification guidance transformation of the existing shells. The products of the satellite guidance PGK series are based on the low-cost guidance transformation of the ordinary ammunition to achieve the precise guidance and attack without any modification to the traditional ammunition.

3 Composition and Accessories

3.1 The Main Tactical Specification
Killing Power: same as matched ammunition
Maximum range: same as matched ammunition
Minimum range: ≤3km
Accuracy: CEP:≤15 m,
Weight of PGK: 1.8~2.3kg
Guidance mode: GPS/BD Guidance
Operating temperature: -40~+50℃
Relative humidity: 40-90%
Wind speed: <18m/s
High altitude: 3000m
Storage life: 10 years
Connection with bomb: threaded connection
3.2 Compsition-1 (with Proximity Fuze)

3.3 Installation-1
Replace the original fuze and install the new PGK directly
3.4 Composition-2 (remain the original fuze)

3.5 Installation-2

The PGK can be installed with the mortar bomb through the fixture kit.
Module design with low cost.
Convenient and reliable.
Capable to customize for User’s ammunition

3.6 Operation Principle
The product adopts the structure of rotating cruciform rudder with fixed deflection, and is driven and controlled
by a special electromagnetic motor. The cruciform rudder rotates around the axis of the bomb at high speed.
In this process, the rudder with deflection will interact with the wind, that is, the state of the flow field changes rapidly,
thus completing the flight control of the guided bomb and finally hitting the target

Working Flow

The GPS/BD module obtains the GPS/BD signal and transmits the signal to the controller. The controller calculates the deviation between the hitting point based on the trajectory and the target position, and gets the correction value according to the deviation, and transmits the correction value to the motor. The motor controls the rudder rotate at highfrequency speed to complete the correction. This correction frequency is 10 Hz, starting from 10 seconds after launching, and continues until hitting the target.

3.7 Loader Device
1 The Loader Device is based on the military pad with Android system. The main functions include:
• Wire Loading;
• Self-test of the PGK;
• Load/delete ephemeris; • Load artillery position coordinates (longitude, latitude, altitude);
• Load target coordinates (Longitude, latitude, altitude);
• Load fuze parameters;
• Calculate the trajectory, firing angle and charge number.

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