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Lightning Rocket


Basic information

The lightning rocket operation system is light in weight, safe to use and reliable in operation. Under specific meteorological conditions, lightning in a certain range of thunderstorm weather can be led to the designated device,which can be widely used in scientific research on lightning and reduce the impact of lightning disasters in China'sareas of electronics, petroleum, chemical, agriculture and forestry fields.

 Product parameters
Rocket shot height:700m (theoretical parachute opening height)
lgnition current:3A(duration >25ms)
Rocket exitlaunch velocity: ≤20m/s
lanition delay time:≤30m/s
Wreckage landing speed:≤5m/s

Application areas

The lightning rocket, developed in cooperation with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, consists of an arrowrocket body (including the head cone and engine), a recovery device (parachute and parachute compartment), a tail fin, a wire shaft and a metal wire. It has already been used in several test sites in China.

 Product advantages

Unique wire winding process, easy to releaseput the wire

Using wireless remote control transmitter controller, reliable and stable ignition performance.

Good waterproof, fireproof and lightning-proof performance.

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