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122mm 9M22 Grad Rocket

The 9M22 rocket damage blasting rocket has a body length of 2870 mm, a weight of 66 kg, a warhead of 18.4 kg, including 6.4 kg of charge and 20.45 kg of solid fuel. It has a maximum flight speed of 690 m/s, a maximum range of 20.75 km and a minimum range of 5 km.

122mm 9M22 Grad Rocket for BM-21 grad multiple rocket launcher.

The 9M22 is the base model of the BM-21 Grad 9K51 series of 122mm rockets being a FRAG-HE fin-stabilised rocket with a steel tube body, a high-explosive (HE) fragmentation warhead in the front section and an electrically ignited rocket motor in the tail.

On the base 9M22 model the warhead is the M-21-OF containing 6.4kg of TAG-F high-explosive (HE) detonated by a 9A210 or MRV point-detonating (PD) fuze, which is inertially armed only after travelling some 150 to 400m from the launch point.

The warhead is double-skinned, with the outer skin only lightly scored, in order to avoid damaging its structural integrity during launch.

When detonated the internal scoring of the M-21-OF warhead creates approximately 3,150 fragments which are scattered over a lethal radius of about 28m.

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