Artillery Shells

155mm Shell

The 155mm caliber howitzer is currently a kind of artillery that achieves the best balance between the weight and power of the gun body. The barrel of the modern 155mm artillery continues to lengthen, and the boundary between it and the cannon has been completely blurred. Therefore, it is also called the cannon howitzer. The combination of the projectile range extension technology can usually reach a range of 40 kilometers or more, and it is the absolute main force of various military powers.

The damage of the 155 howitzer to the target can be divided into two types, one is shock wave damage and the other is fragment damage. Shock waves can also be divided into overpressure and dynamic pressure. Dynamic pressure is the pressure generated by the compressed air, which makes the internal and external pressure of the human body seriously unbalanced, thus causing fatal damage to internal organs. However, the attenuation speed of the shock wave is proportional to the third power of the distance. After exceeding 10m, the shock wave’s killing effect on people is not enough. At this time, it mainly relies on fragments to kill. After a grenade explodes, it usually produces thousands of fragments of different sizes. The speed of these fragments exceeds 1000m/s. The smaller the weight of the fragments, the higher the speed, and the faster the speed decays.
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