“low-altitude guard”Low Altitude Air Defense System Laser guard

The "low-altitude guard" system developed by the Chinese Academy of Engineering physics and the institute of optoelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has completed system debugging and demonstration tests. In the demonstration and verification of real scenes, "low-altitude guard" successfully shot down more than 30 sorties of various small aircrafts such as fixed wing, multi-rotor wing and helicopter, with a shooting rate of 100%.

The reporter learned from the interview of Chinese Academy of Engineering physics that "low altitude guard" is an effective means to prevent the "low, slow and small" target. This system has a launching power of nearly 10,000 watts, an effective low-altitude protection area of 12 square kilometers, and can accurately intercept various aircrafts such as fixed wings with a radius of 2 kilometers and a 360-degree airspace within 5 seconds. It is characterized by speed, accuracy, soundless and no collateral damage.
  Yi jinsong, who is in charge of the research and development of the "low-altitude guard", said the equipment is mainly aimed at small aircraft flying at an altitude of less than 500 meters and a speed of less than 50 meters per second. "Low altitude guard" system can be deployed on the ground or on the vehicle, flexible, stable and reliable. In the future, it can be widely used in the low-altitude security of the major activity areas in the urban compact areas

low-altitude guard
low-altitude guard downed quadcopter
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