Silent Hunter Laser Weapon

The Silent hunter uses an electrically powered fiber optic laser and according to one WF official, has a maximum power that is between 30 and 100 kilowatts and a maximum range of four kilometers.[1] Although it is primarily designed to search, track, and destroy low-flying drones, it is powerful enough to "ablate" or penetrate five 2 millimeter steel plates at a range of 800 meters or a single 5 millimeter steel plate at 1000 meters.[2] The sheer bulk of the Silent  prevents its use on an aerial platform.
Main  Technical  Characters
 Silent Hunter is a low altitude laser air defence system which is researched and .developed by China. Compared to traditional air defense weapons, it has the following characters:
1 Response quickly and available for hitting wherever you point.
2 the ability of attacking  multi-target  and high interception hit rate, and also able to complete target  switching and aiming in 6 seconds.
3, low cost, consuming electric energy only. One shot of launching power costs less than  one dollar and meanwhile it does not use ammunition which get rid of the trouble of ammunition transportation.
4, Little collateral damage, not a lot of debris.
Silent hunter now offers four power modes of 5kW, 10kW, 20kW and 30kW, with an increasing interception radius from 200m to 4000m and a target capture range of more than 4000m. Capable of intercepting a target with a diameter of less than 2 m and a speed of less than 60 m/s. The low-altitude laser air defense system comes in two versions, mobile and stationary. The vehicle can be mounted on a 6X6 wheeled chassis and the stationary can be separated into individual sections of each size not exceeding 200 kg for easy transport or mounted on top of the building.

According to the website of Jane's Defence Weekly, the "silent hunter" air defence system was put into operation during the G20 summit in Hangzhou in 2016.
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