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KLC-11 UAV Multi-function Airborne Radar

The best companion for mid-to-high-end drones such as "wing loong"/"Rainbow" series drones: KLC-11 multi-functional airborne radar.

The KLC-11 UAV-borne multifunctional radar is aimed at generating combat power of mid-to-high-end UAVs such as “integration of surveillance and combat” and “reconnaissance deterrence”. Array radar.

The radar aims at the entire process of "observation-confirmation-decision-strike" (OODA) operations, focusing on improving the three major capabilities closely related to the OODA ring, including reconnaissance and surveillance, positioning attacks, and damage assessment, to achieve "flattened information system and link response. Speed up".

The radar system is advanced and the technology is mature. The radar adopts an active phased array multi-channel system, which has high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and flexible interfaces. It can be equipped with"wing loong"/"Rainbow" series drones and other "inspection and combat" long-endurance drones. It has been completed Test flight verification at home and abroad, plug and play.
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