Target Drones

YZS-1 high subsonic speed target drone

1, Flight performance
Flight altitude 50-8000m 
Max horizontal velocity at sea level   240m/s
Endurance  90min
Max range 400km
Control radius   100km
Anti-wind ability Level 5
Maneuvering overload    3g
Take-off weight(included assistor)  85kg 
Payload    5-10kg
RCS       0.01m²
Operating temperature       -50--+50ºC
2  Overall layout and key parameters

The aerodynamic shape adopts the single-wing v-shaped tail, which relies on the aileron and elevator to control the drone by tilting. The fuselage is mainly made of composite and aluminum alloy materials, semi-rigid shell structure. The main parameters are:
overall length 3.2m
FuseDia   0.26m
Wings pan 1.6m
wing area 0.53m²
3, Dynamic system: It adopts Yzsd-80 small turbojet engine developed and produced by ourselves.
Takeoff thrust 90kg
Continuous thrust 80kg
Max air flow  1.8kg/s
pressure ratio   3.85
Exhaust temperature   780ºC
dry weight  8.8kg
Fuel consumption 1.35kg/kg.h
Starting mode Automatic fuel start
4, Control flight system

It adopts digital flight control system and includes flight control computer, IMU, pressure-altitude sensor, airspeed sensor, course sensor, radio transponder, engine controller (ECU, TCU), GPS receiver, detonator actuator, control steering gear and other equipment. It can be preprogrammed to fly autonomously or manually.
5, take-off launching system

It adopts ground (or vessels )  zero-length launcher rocket assisted takeoff, assisted rocket will accelerate the drone to 60m/s and then automatically fall off.
Assistor’s performance is sea level static thrust 3.6kn; Working hours: 1.20s

6,    Ground station control system

Ground station computer  can display the information of drone flight track, course, direction, speed, altitude, distance, attitude, power supply voltage and the working state of the engine through electronic map in real time for the ground operator to control.

7, Recovery System

   The drone  is equipped with a parachute recovery system, including recovery umbrella, opening device, aseismic airbag, etc., to ensure multiple recovery and use of the drone.

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