ASN-106 High Speed Target Drone System

ASN-106 High Speed Target Drone UAV is a multi-purpose, high subsonic, high mobility target drone, mainly used as dynamic simulative targets for the test of high efficiency weapon. It can simulate the movement, electromagnetism and IR feature of targets by installing different kinds of electronic simulative equipment. ASN-106 High Speed Target Drone UAV can fly autonomously, with the capability of editing flight path, flight mode to simulate the speed to mobility of target.

Main Technical Parameters
Operational Altitude:10m-10000m
Max Speed: 0.8Ma
Max Take-off Weight:170kg
Max.Mission Payload:20kg
Control Radius:150km
Crusing Speed:500km/h-600km/h
Load Limit:+7g
Fuselage Length:3720mm
Wing Span:2160mm
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