Airborne Pod (EO/IR)HZ-20

HZ-20 EO/IR Pod

HZ-20 EO/IR Pod
HZ-20 EO/IR Pod is mounted on the aircraft equipment, its integration with visible light, infrared thermal imager, TV laser measurement as, MEMS inertial navigation components, load control unit, servo control unit, image processing module, the framework of shafting components, such as more suspicious target and complete the measurement can be used for the detection and identification, guidance, complete area search, image stabilization, target tracking and target.

Function application
The visible and infrared images of ground targets can be obtained in real time and clearly. With manual search, automatic tracking, scanning and other servo working mode;
With low rate compression mode record, dump, playback, on-demand and high rate compression transmission functions; It has the function of target positioning and geographic guidance according to the information of the aircraft.
Multi-target (dynamic and static target) automatic detection function.

Main technical indicators for HZ-20 EO/IR Pod
Optical axis stability accuracy: <5urad
Tracking accuracy: <10urad
Weight: I8.5 kg or less
Search scope
   Azimuth: N ×360° (continuous)
   Pitch: +30° ~ -140°(optical axis light level is 0°, upward is positive)

White light detection distance: ≥15km
Infrared detection range: ≥8km
Laser ranging distance: ≥15km
Laser irradiation distance: ≥6km
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