Optoelectronic Reconnaissance Pod GD-GZ1

The GD-GZ1 optoelectronic reconnaissance pod adopts a visible light/infrared dual optical path imaging system. It works in the down-view mode or side-view mode in the target area to complete the imaging of the ground scene in the visible light band and the infrared band, and realize the task of ground reconnaissance, which can meet the requirements of reconnaissance, Monitoring and other aspects of use requirements. It has the characteristics of large imaging field of view, high ground resolution, good concealment, all-day work, and flexible use. The modular design can flexibly realize various state combinations. From the perspective of system configuration, it can be equipped with three types of equipment, namely visible light type reconnaissance equipment, infrared type reconnaissance equipment and day and night type reconnaissance equipment. It has been used extensively on military drones.

Technical data
Visible light equipment: 21kg
Infrared equipment: 21kg

field of view
Visible light: 22°
Infrared: 36°
Visible light: 0.1mrad
Infrared: 0.35mrad
Working distance: >20km
Power consumption
Visible light equipment: 120w
Infrared equipment: 110w
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