Airborne Pod (EO-IR)GZJY-16AG

GZJY-16AG photoelectric turret is suitable for large unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters and low-speed and low-speed fixed-wing aircraft, and is widely used in reconnaissance and surveillance, search and rescue, fire control and guidance and other fields.
At present, it has been used in many models such as Mi-7 helicopter and Y-8 transport aircraft.

Four-axis gyro stabilization
Visible light, infrared and laser measuring/camera
Easy to operate
target image tracking
Target position positioning solution

System specification
System Type: Four-axis. Multi-band optical sensor.
Dimensions: 408dia×540hmm±5mm
Weight (standard load): Photoelectric turret≤<50Kg.

System Features
Platform Type: Four Axis
Azimuth range: 360° *n
Tilt range: -120°~+90°
Maximum angular velocity: ≥90°/s
Maximum angular acceleration: ≥100°/s
Angular position accuracy: ≤0.5mrad (1ó)
Bidirectional stability of sight line: 20urad ( 1ó) (1°/2Hz, 2°/1Hz)

Infrared camera
Type: Medium Wave Refrigerated Focal Plane
Spectral bandwidth: 3~5μm
Number of pixels: 640×512
Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD): 35mk
Lens focal length (three fields of view): 500mm/125mm/30mm
Field of view: 1.1° x0.88°/4.4°×3.5°/18.1°×14.5°
Pixel size: 15um
Field of view switching time: ≤1s
Cooling time: ≤6s

Color visible light camera
Sony body machine: Sony FCB-EV7520
Effective pixels: 1920×1080
Field of view range: 63.7°~2.3°, 30 times optical continuous
Focal length: 4.3mm~129mn

Telephoto visible light camera
Pixel size: 8.75*3.75μm
Effective pixels: 1920 × 1080
Field of view: 0.8° × 0.45°
Focal length: 500mm fixed focus

Laser ranging/illuminator
Working band: 1.06uμm
Irradiation energy: 80mJ
Irradiation distance: 10km
Ranging distance: 15km
Beam divergence angle: <0. 3mrad
Repeat cycle: 40ms~65ms adjustable
Ranging repetition frequency: 20Hz
Pulse width: 15ns±5ns
Cooling method: air cooling
Ranging accuracy: ±5 meters
Accuracy rate: ≥95%

System external interface
Video: HD-SDI
Communication: RS-422
power supply
Voltage: 28V (±4v)
Power consumption: constant value ≤ 100w, peak value ≤ 700w

Environmental conditions
Working temperature: -40℃~+60℃
Storage temperature: -55~℃~+70℃

Positioning solution dynamic positioning accuracy: no more than 25m (1000m slant distance) (lab environment)
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