EO-470 Reconnaissance Strike EO/IR System

With high-energy laser illumination and 20km long range guidance, it can make the high-altitude high-speed precise strike at 13500m, improving the striking distance of the airborne platform;
Capable of target detection at 50km and target identification at 35km,which shortens the time and enlarges the visual range of the mission;
With the same optical performance, the structure of EO-470 is more compact and thus the wind resistance is much smaller; lt has been installed on Wing Loong 10 drone.

Stabilized Platform: 360° continuous rotation
Elevation Range Coverage: s-120°~+90°
Visible Imaging:√
Color Camera:√
MWIR: :√
SWIR: :√
Laser Rangefinder (km):50km
lllumination Guidance (km):20km
Stabilization Accuracy:≤10

Application::Wing Loong 10 drone

wing loog 10 drone Reconnaissance/Strike EO System
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