Airborne Pods

HP20 Photoelectric Pod

Provide visible and infrared video images of the monitoring area
It can search, detect and identify targets under day and night conditions
It can carry out manual tracking, geographic tracking, automatic tracking and search tracking for targets. It has the functions of collection and automatic scanning
For target laser ranging, provide real-time line of sight angle, angular velocity and distance information to the mission system Provide laser indication for laser guided weapons, and support users to customize laser accurate frequency code
Picture in picture function
Anti hold function
Linear motion compensation (LMC) function · visible and thermal video image enhancement function · periodic self detection function

Key parameter index
Continuous zoom medium wave infrared
Working band: 3.7um ~ 4.8um
Number of detector pixels: 640 × five hundred and twelve
Continuous zoom field of view: 35.5 × 28.7~1.8 × 1.5

Continuous zoom visible light (color)
Working band: 0.4um ~ 0.9um
Number of detector pixels: 1080p
Continuous zoom horizontal field of view: 54 ~ 1.9

Fixed focus near infrared (black and white)
Working band: 0.7um ~ 0.9um
Number of detector pixels: 1080p
Fixed focus field of view: 2.0 × 1.2

Laser illumination
Working band: 1064nm
Laser type: diode pumped
Ranging accuracy: ± 5m
Laser ranging distance: 300m ~ 8km

Servo performance index
Rotation range
      Azimuth axis: n × 360 ° continuous rotation
      Pitch axis: + 20 ° ~ - 110 °
Maximum angular velocity: pitch ≥ 40 ° / s, azimuth ≥ 60 ° / S
Maximum angular acceleration: ≥ 60 ° / S
Line of sight stability accuracy: ≤ 0.035mrad
TV laser irradiation accuracy: ≤ 0.15mrad
Infrared laser irradiation accuracy: ≤ 0.18mrad

System index
Communication interface: 1 channel RS422
Video interface: 2-way HD SDL
Nominal DC voltage: 28V
Average power: ≤ 300W
Peak power: ≤ 600W
Operating temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 60 °
Storage temperature: - 55 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
Size ≤ 330mm × 415mm
Weight: ≤ 21kg

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