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ASN-301 Anti-Radiation Radar Loitering Munition Suicide Drone System

  The ASN-301UAV seems to be a near-copy of the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Harpy system that was purchased by China in the 1990s, according to foreign sources. The ASN-301 drone  is a delta-wing aircraft with a pusher propeller that looks virtually identical to the Harpy.It is designed to fly into hostile airspace and loiter until it detects a radar, at which point it homes in on the target and destroys it.

ASN-301 anti-radiation loitering munition system

Developed by IAI in the early 90s, Harpy is the first UCAV which features a passive radar seeker and can be used as a long-range anti-radiation weapon to attack enemy radar stations. Its range is 500km, max speed 185km/hr, warhead 32kg. One Harpy UCAV launch vehicle can carry 18 box launchers.

Two new types of seeker with slightly different sizes have been identified, suggesting different homing
frequencies. However the launch vehicle now carries only 6 launchers.

It listed the ASN-301 as having the same 135 kg weight as the Harpy, although at 2.5 m it is slightly shorter than the Israeli version (2.7 m), and has an endurance of four hours. It has a higher top speed (220 km/h versus 180 km/h for the Harpy), but its range is shorter (288 km versus 500 km).

The CATIC information stated that the ASN-301 targets radar frequencies in the 2-16 GHz range and its radar homing device has a search range of 25 km. The system can target up to eight pre-set radar targets. Its 7,000-fragment warhead has a proximity laser fuse with a destructive range of 20 m.

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Israeli magazine Israel Defense also reported that China's ASN-301, a mobile ... aerial vehicle (UAV) introduced in early 2017, was a near-copy of the Harpy drone, ... Upon detection, it will hone in and destroy the system.

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Reverse-engineered from the Israeli Aerospace Industries Harpy system acquired by China in the 1990s, the ASN-301 has an endurance

China's anti-radiation UAV ASN-301 suicide-attack anti-missile system radar.

ASN 301 anti-radiation drone debuts! Known as sky Patrol

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