Fixed Wing Drones

CASC PW-1 Medium and Short Range UAV

PW is a name of a series of Chinese UAVs developed by developed by China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics (中国航天空气动力技术研究院) of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), also known as the 11th Academy of CASC (中国航天科技集团公司十一院), or 701st Research Institute. As of end of 2013, a total of two have been publicized, PW-1 and PW-2, which are derivatives of CASC CH-1 and CASC CH-2 respectively. Both PW-1 and PW-2 share the following characteristics:
    PW-1 is the first member of PW series UAV, and it is in twin-boom layout with a pair of skids as landing gear. Propulsion is provided by a two-blade propeller driven by a pusher engine mounted at the rear end of the fuselage. Specification:


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