Artillery Shells

120mm Precision Guided Mortar Munition

On January 6, the CCTV-7 military channel "National Defense Science and Technology" program reported a new domestic vehicle-mounted 120mm mortar. This new type of vehicle-mounted 120mm mortar uses the Warrior 3 off-road vehicle as the chassis, which has high maneuverability. Ability; Equipped with an advanced fire control system, it is also equipped with an automatic ammunition loading system, with quick response and "hit and run" capabilities. As soon as I saw this type of mortar, I liked it very much, because it is the ideal light vehicle mortar in my mind.

This new CS/BME1 GPS-guided mortar can adjust the flight attitude of the shell through a circle of pulse rockets on the body, correct the gunner's shooting error, guide the warhead to accurately attack the target, and achieve precise strikes. Through the live ammunition test of this guided mortar, live ammunition shooting was carried out on the bunker target. After actual measurement, the deviation between the impact point and the aiming center is only 0.75m, and the shooting is quite accurate. With this kind of guided mortar, the new vehicle-mounted mortar can be said to be even more powerful. It can not only achieve fire coverage strikes, but also has "surgical" precision strike capabilities.
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