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ZHZ T333 Heavy Duty Long-endurance Unmanned Helicopter

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      The T333 Unmanned Helicopter uses a coaxial dual-rotor configuration, a streamline shape design and a non-bearing composite rotor. It also features DHM paddle, a "H-type" tail and a rear three wheel retractable landing gear. According to ZHZ, the T333 is equipped with a technical diagnosis system.

      ZHZ's T333Unmanned Helicopter  can take off with normal payload at an altitude of 3,000 m. It can reach an operational ceiling of 9,000 m and a max speed of 300 km/h. It can fly during more than 30 hours with 200 kg of payload, and its operational range exceeds 400 km.

    T333 Unmanned Helicopter  has a height of 3.3 m, a length of 5.4 m and a width of 3.3 m. Its max take-off weight is 3 tons, comprising up to 1.5 tons of payload.
by Nasser Ahmed Nasser
May 22,2021
Heavy Duty Long-endurance Unmanned Helicopter
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