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WS-1B Multiple-Launch Rocket System

WS-1 rocket launcher is an advanced long-range multi-tube uncontrolled rocket weapon system, which has the main characteristics of long range, high precision, good maneuverability, fast response, easy operation and maintenance, good safety and high reliability. The rocket is equipped with a multi-purpose warhead to strike at the enemy's deep surface targets.

The WS-1B rocket launcher is an improved version of the original rocket launcher with a range of 180 kilometers. It has a diameter of 406 mm, a maximum range of 360 kilometers, and a killing radius of more than 450 meters. The weight of the warhead is 150 meters. Kilogram. Relevant experts pointed out that this is China’s rocket launcher with the largest caliber and the longest range in the world.

Main targets:

1. Military bases, airports, ports, assembled fleets, important transportation hubs, military industrial bases
2. Political and economic center
3. Armored groups, artillery and missile launch positions, ground radar stations and their command and control centers
4. Other important military targets

Tactical technical performance

System response time: 20 minutes
Launch method: Vehicle-mounted oblique launch (single shot or salvo)
Engine: solid rocket motor
Maximum range: 100 km
Minimum range: 40 km
Shooting Intensity: 1.0%
Maximum flight speed: M=4.2
Projectile length: 4737mm
Bullet diameter: 302mm
Take-off mass: 524 kg
Warhead mass: 150 kg
Warhead type:
Armor-piercing and anti-personnel dual-purpose submunition warhead
Combined Effect Submunition Warhead
Cloud Bomb Warhead
kill deflagration warhead
kill warhead
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