Tank and Armored Vehicles

VN2C Mine Protected Carrier

The VN2C 6x6 wheeled mine-resistant armoured vehicle is the latest model developed by NORINCO. It newly adopts a more powerful engine developing 300kW for higher tactical mobility, and rear door opens downwards as a ramp for easily getting on and off the vehicle.

The VN2C 6x6 wheeled mine-resistant armoured vehicle adopts unique general layout and modular chassis structure to improve ballistic protection and explosion-proof capability. The unique design reduces damage against crew and vehicle greatly during explosion of mines and LEDs, or attack of small arms, RPG rockets.

Adopts middle-left-positioned power pack, V-shaped chassis body, external-positioned axle, monocoque body without wheel cover to improve anti-explosion capability greatly
Protection capability reaches NATO STANAG 4569 III
Integral power-transmission module that can be lifted as a whole assembly
Rear door opens downwards as ramp for passengers' quick ascending and descending
Comfortable driving & smooth traveling thanks to high-power engine
Modular design to ensure good reliability & maintainability
Equipped with NBC, smoke grenade launcher, fire extinguishing, etc
Property Value
Weight (kg) 19000
Number of wheels 6
Number of drive wheels 6
Crew 3
Troops 8
Max. road speed (km/h) 100
Max. road range (km) 800
Engine power output (h.p.) 400
Main weapon caliber (mm) 12.7
Auxiliary gun calibre (mm) 7.62
Ammunition of the main gun 500
Ammunition of the auxiliary gun 1000
Length (mm) 7000
Width (mm) 3000
Height (mm) 2250
Ground clearance (mm) 410
Trench (mm) 1200
Vertical obstacle (mm) 550
Max. water speed (km/h) 8
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