Tank and Armored Vehicles

JY908-S Remote Controlled Mine Clearance System

The JY908-S remote controlled mine clearance system is an intelligent mine clearing and demining vehicle operated and controlled through aremote console, with a remote control distance of 2 ~ 5km. The vehicle is suitable forclearing anti tank mines and anti infantry minefields in the front of the battlefield, andopening up a fast path for infantry and light mechanized forces; It is applicable to mineclearance and demining of old minefields; It is also suitable for removing unexplodedbombs,unexploded devices, roadblocks and other emergency anti-terrorism conditionsand special scenes.

Weight(t): ≤8
Dimensions(Length xWidthxHeight)(mm): ≤5000X2300X1500
Maximum Speed(km/h): ≥40
Travel speed(km/h): 0~1.5
Grade Ability: ≥32
Barrier free remote control distance (km): ≥5
Minesweeper width(mm): ≥2100
Mine clearance rate(m2/h): ≥2700
Working radius ofmanipulator(mm): ≥2200
Clamping weight of mechanical arm(kg): ≥80
Endurance Mileage(km): ≥300

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