Unmanned Helicopters

"Agile-Ⅲ" Unmanned Helicopter System(MJ-Ⅲ)

General introduction: "agile - Ⅲ" type of unmanned helicopter system is based on mature single-seat manned helicopter platform developed by a civil-military dual-purpose small unmanned helicopter system, flight performance stable and reliable, and takeoff and landing, fixed-point hover, with independent course.
Flight, one key homing and other functions, can achieve full automatic operation, high degree of autonomy. With a large task load, can carry a variety of task equipment.

Application :
As a large payload carrying platform, it can complete the tasks of communication relay, battlefield reconnaissance, electronic jamming and so on in the military. It can also be equipped with simulation equipment and used as a helicopter target drone. In the civil can be used as a power line tower fire patrol, large load of agricultural and forestry plant protection platform.

Development process
"Agile - Ⅲ" type of unmanned helicopter system began to be developed in May 2011, the main functional verification completed in May 2013, has realized the automatic takeoff, landing, automatic hover, instruction flight, etc; Major performance indicators were tested in October 2014. Product application began in July 2015

System composition :
"Agile - Ⅲ" unmanned helicopter system by helicopter platform subsystem, control subsystem, subsystem and integrated security task load equipment of four parts.

Power plant  :
Engine: CRE MZ202,
Two cylinders, two strokes
Power 47.7 kW;
Load power supply: +28V 1500W
Fuel tank capacity: 45L;
Oil consumption: 20LPH;

Task load:
Based on the payload capacity of the platform, the standard mission payload in this system is the high-performance visible/infrared double light pod, and it can also carry other mission payloads such as communication relay to complete different applications according to the demand.

Flight control and navigation :
GPS/ beidou navigation mode is adopted, which has full autonomous flight control capability, and can independently complete takeoff, route flight, return and landing, which can realize the whole process without manual intervention. Complete safety control capability, with data link interruption of the automatic emergency return capability and the nearby automatic landing capability

Take-off and landing:
Manual take-off/landing, one-button vertical take-off/landing

Working environment:

    Working temperature:      -20℃~+55℃;
    storage temperature:      -40℃~+60℃;
    Take-offn  and landing speed:≤ level 4 ;
    Flight speed:≤ level6;

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