Type 022 Missile Boat

Type 022 missile boat
The Type 022 missile boat is a new generation of Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy missile boat built in April 2004. The 022-class speedboat is the world's first guided missile speedboat designed with high-speed wave-piercing boats. As of mid-2009, more than 80 boats have been launched or entered service.
In addition to the search radar and navigation radar on the main mast designed for stealth, 022 also has a photoelectric fire control system on the top of the bridge. In addition, the Type 022 is also equipped with a data link system on the main mast. With the stealth design of the Type 022, the Type 022 is not a small threat in nearshore operations.
Type 022 missile boats are exported to Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria and other countries
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