The A45 USV primary missions are patrolling, surveillance, search and rescue, and transit around mother ships, base stations, and islands. A45 USV  can also help with anti-piracy operations, anti-drug and anti-weapons trafficking, and preventing illegal fishing. The A45 USV  can be armed to attack surface targets.
The A45 USV  has autonomous, obstacle avoidance, and swarm capabilities. According to the company, the A45 USV is not easily detectable (less than 5 kilometers in range) thanks to its aluminum alloy hull and stealth shape.
The A45 USV can be controlled by one of two console types: a 1.8mX0.81m console or a laptop. The operator uses the console to plan the route and tasks to be completed, as well as to send instructions to the A45 USVs. The  A45 USV sails along the predetermined route, avoiding obstacles autonomously along the way.

A45 USV Specifications:
 Length: 7.5m
 Width: 2.6m
 Draught: 0.6m
 Displacement: 4.6t
 Max speed: 40 knots
 Range: 280 nautical miles with 25 knots
 Endurance: 11 hours
 Control distance: Remote control-2km, Private network-20km, SATCOM-unlimited
 Seakeeping: Up to sea state 4 (use weapon system effectively), up to sea state 5 (safe navigation at low speed)
 Main engines: 2x205kW, Steyr Diesel
 Propulsion: 2xJet Pump
 Armament: 1×12.7 mm gun (range 1.5km)
 Sensors: Navigation radar, EO/IR
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